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On May 3rd, Naar Restobar in Balutta bay, St Julians, was ready for the crypto crowd. Malta’s gathering for the Bitcoin and blockchain community filled up the classy restaurant with a 100 people.

Dash cryptocurrency, the main sponsor of the event was presented by keynote speaker Jan Heinrich Meyer from Germany. After his talk the 12th largest cryptocurrency was discussed in great detail with the very interested audience. To the surprise of many, everyone with a smartphone was taught to set up a digital wallet for dash and recieved a small amount of the digital gold as a gift.

Since half of the audience was already familiar with Dash and had already invested, the group gifting was a great fun for the other half of the audience which was completely new to the whole thing. After downloading the dash wallet from the app store or google play store, many installed a crypto wallet for the very first time and had to learn the basics of security and backup procedure.

“Wow, I didn’t expect it to be that easy and I am surprised by the instant transaction” one participant stated with a smile.

Participants of the meetup where overly happy and grateful for the little digital gift.

We are proud to have set a first record in Malta to mass install crypto wallets and look forward to the next Bitcoin meetup (15th June).

Particular thanks are due to all attendees, the team of Naar and everyone involved to make the event a success.


Past event pictures: