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Inspiration for speakers

What does this picture say? It’s a symbol of joy that you experience when surfing the hodl wave together.


Would you like to submit content and Need some guidance?

on this page you will find it:


In general you are completely free to submit any piece of content, video, audio, text, art of any size, length, format and subject.
NOT ACCEPTED: altcoin promotion, ico/ieo/sto promotion and scams as well as collectivist, racist, statist views.

As our goal with BitcoinFuture2020 is to make things easy to follow and understand we are looking mainly for things that are compelling both on a rational level but also on an emotional level. So keeping things fun and experimental is very welcome. We would like that people receive inspiration and sound education watching your content.


The ideal format:

10min video screen presentation

Interesting project or subject

Inspirational and insightful

HD MP4 and good sound (other formats may also work)


Topics we’d like to discuss and present at the even – incomplete:

  • What will happen with Bitcoin in 2020?
  • After hyperbitcoinization, what will you do with your wealth?
  • What kind of world do you dream of?
  • Halving, Hodling, Hyperbitcoinization
  • Get the basics right: what is Bitcoin for you today?
  • The Bitcoin Standard
  • Stock to Flow
  • The Halving
  • Monetary evolution and scarcity
  • Industry outlook, which big and small players are around?
  • Best accumulation strategies
  • Quantum resistance
  • Attack scenarios
  • Geopolitics and Regulation
  • Private Key Security
  • Liquidity
  • Fundamentals
  • Building on Bitcoin
  • Lightning Network
  • What are the building blocks someone needs to grasp to be confident about bitcoin

Introduction Questions

  • Who are you?
  • What is your mission?
  • What was your way into Bitcoin?

Mandatory Questions

  • Where do you see Bitcoin in 2020 (and beyond)?
  • What is your top reason why someone should own Bitcoin in 2020 and learn about it?
  • What are your best go to resources to learn about Bitcoin and your favorite tools and services?
  • Bitcoin Playlist: What kind of music do you  listen to, do you may want to share?

Briefing & Framing

  • We’d like you to feel comfortable and can respect your own privacy and no-go’s etc.
  • Take a look at our mission statements for the conference
  • If you can talk passionately about a topic that’s the right one to submit
  • Political correctness is boring, please share your real and honest view.
  • Please ensure good light and background if you share a video

More challenges

  • Break down something complex and technical very simple
  • Explain Bitcoin to a 5y old
  • What re the top objections and misconceptions against Bitcoin and what are the best coutner arguments?
  • What are your favorite memes?