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“We’re trying to unleash the creativity of an entire generation.”
– Andreas Antonopoulos

Join the Open Microphone Bitcoin Meetup organized by the Bitcoin Club Malta

At the open mic everyone can present, ideas, opinions or art in front of a critical audience. If you are a bit afraid of speaking on the stage but still want to try it, please be sure that our audience is one of the nicest and most supportive audiences on the planet 🙂

– The stage is yours, express yourself.
– Appreciate the time of the audience and go all out.
– It’s a plus if it’s related to Bitcoin, freedom and technology
– No direct defamation or insult of persons.
– Don’t be intoxicated or on drugs when performing.
– No Ico promotion or other advertising if not official sponsoring

Everyone taking the mic will have 5-30 minutes of stage time depending on how many people want to speak.
Afterwards the audience will pick the winner by applause and the winner will receive a price.

See you at Cafe Society on Thursday

Buy Bitcoin, Be Free (No financial advise)