Bitcoin is clearly the most interesting technology of our times. If you agree you’re most likely keen to try it out yourself and use Bitcoin for the first time.
Before you start, we highly recommend to do deep research and understand how Bitcoin works. Join our seminars, events and meetups and read through our website.

If you want to buy Bitcoin there are many different options thanks to a thriving crypto market. Sadly, banks and governments don’t like the free market and free choice of money and may hinder your endeavour. Don’t give up there are enough doors open and very day more doors will appear.

Buying Bitcoin is very different from country to country and some countries have tried to ban bitcoin or are planning to ban Bitcoin. On the other side, some countries are very positive about this new technology and some counties like Bulgaria even own a large portion of Bitcoin. In the case of Bulgaria it’s estimated to be a holding of 200.000 BTC.

However, most governments maintain financial regulators and those force crypto exchanges to do KYC checks on all customers. Some people find that awesome but others believe this may be the end of Bitcoin as it could reduce the fungibility of coins and steal the anonymity of transactions.

However, as Bitcoin does never ask for permission, many new technology upgrades are already under development to make Bitcoin fungible and your transactions private again.

The only thing you have to consider now is your personal life, business and financial strategy. Does financial privacy matter to you or do you not mind government and other entities scanning your account and knowing your balance as you have ‘nothing to hide’?

Most people don’t care much about this because they believe that the power of Bitcoin ultimately is much higher than the power of governments.

Besides privacy you might be sensitive towards price and security. Then you probably want to compare different exchanges, fees and rates and ask experienced Bitcoiners for the best tools and tips. Security really is the pinnacle of mastering Bitcoin. Make sure you get a hardware wallet and store you private key safely.

Below you’ll find some links and recommendations.


LOCAL BITCOIN is a platform that makes it easy to meet private persons and exchange Bitcoin.


Coinbase is one of the largest exchanges and very easy to use. Of course you can use any other exchange like Kraken or The Rock Trading.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet