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 theBitcoin is marching on since 2009 and maybe you would like to try it out yourself. As with most things in life, the best way of learning is to practice and actually do it. We encourage you to become a part of the group of early adopters around the world who know how to use Bitcoin.

Before you start – learn

But before you start buying bitcoin, please pay attention: Bitcoin is very different to most financial services you’ve used before. You can do big mistakes on many levels and we highly recommend you to do throughout research and understand how Bitcoin works first. Join our seminars, events and meetups and read through our website. A great source of information is this website:

Once you learned the basics, understood the risks and know how to securely backup and store you private key you surely want to buy your first Bitcoins. There are many different options to do so, thanks to a thriving bitcoin industry.

Buying Bitcoin is very different from country to country and some countries have tried to ban bitcoin or are planning to ban Bitcoin. On the other side, some countries are very positive about this new technology and some countries like Bulgaria even own a large portion of Bitcoin themselves. In the case of Bulgaria it’s estimated to be a gigantic holding of 200.000 BTC.

However, most governments maintain financial regulators which force crypto exchanges to do KYC checks on all customers. Some people find that an important regulation but others are wary of the implications in regards to financial privacy and freedom of transaction. And really is it any bankers, bureaucrat or politicians business where you spend your money? Probably not. That’s why bitcoin was designed to be unstoppable, unconfiscatable and censorship-resistant hence money to ensure a free society with civil rights such as free flow of finances and financial privacy intact.

Bitcoin constantly gets improved and many new upgrades are already under development to improve privacy and usability. To fully grasp the benefits and risks of different privacy levels please read this article:

Bitcoin Privacy Wiki

Besides privacy you might be sensitive towards price and security. Security really is the pinnacle of mastering Bitcoin. Make sure you get a hardware wallet and store you private key safely. Because if your security is weak, you may lose your funds.

The simple rules of Bitcoin are:

1. Not your keys, not your coins
2. Not your keys, not your coins
3. Not your keys, not your coins

Now to get you started and help you avoid pitfalls we listed some of the best products, services and resources below. We recommend those because we tested them. However, we urge you to always do your own research and don’t trust your private keys to any third party.

Below you’ll find some links and recommendations.


HODL HODL is a platform that makes it easy to meet private persons and exchange Bitcoin.


Coinbase is one of the largest exchanges and very easy to use. Keep in mind that you need to upload KYC documents.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet