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Bitcoin Club Malta invites you to the next Meetup: “The Bank of the Future”

How do you reckon a bank would work in a crypto world?

You’re going to find out at the next Bitcoin meetup. “We’re changing the setup this time. Participants will split into teams to work on a solution with the help of two experts” Leon Siegmund, the founder of the Club explains.

Each team will design the model bank and we have asked some of Malta’s top business coaches to give their verdict at the end of the meetup.


We invited Kenneth Farrugia, the Chairman of Finance Malta and Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream. “Only a few people understand Bitcoin in the way that Adam does. He’s one of the key people in the Bitcoin world and was also referenced by Satoshi’s Whitepaper – so we’re pretty excited!” said Chris Grech, the moderator of the event.

The event will be held at dSPACE3 on 26th April at 18:30hrs. Early registration is recommended as seats are limited. For detailed information and tickets please visit:

or email contact contact[at]



Pictures of last events can be found at: