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What if you could design a city from scratch?
How could personal liberty be enhanced through innovative governance models?
And  most important  – who would build the roads?

Dr. Titus Gebel is well-known amongst liberty minded people as he is a passionate speaker and entrepreneur on a seemingly impossible mission: to design the city of the future.

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With his book “Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You” he delivered a blueprint and manifesto for decentralized governance and future cities where everything is possible.

We are thrilled to welcome him for a second time at the Bitcoin Club Malta and are keen to learn about the projects latest progress and development.

Join us for this exclusive event and keynote and learn the secrets of building a startup city. Listen to the experience and learnings of an exceptional visionary and successful entrepreneur and discuss together with the pioneers of the Bitcoin Island how Free Private Cities could help foster adoption of digital sound money.

Are you Bitcoin enthusiast, business leader or investor and interested in newest innovations and political concepts? Make sure to register early, seats are very limited.

7pm – Pre-networking and registration
8pm – Welcome
8.15pm – Keynote of Dr Titus Gebel
8.30pm – Discussion, Q&A
9.30pm – Networking

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