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Do you follow the news around Bitcoin and are interested to expose yourself to the market? Perhaps you are reading Taleb and know there is nothing to win without a bit of risk. With this article we want to explain you the reasoning that we believe must go into a sound approach. For newcomers research is key to play safe but also get the most out of this exciting technology. With the top five options we want to inspire to use a hierarchical gameplan that also includes non-material investments such as education and incorporates best practices in the industry. We appreciate your feedback and are open to also answer direct questions via mail. We hope you Enjoy the article and can find the optimal strategy as a best fit for your individual situation.


Disclaimer: This article is not financial or investment advise and serves for information purpose only.

1. Invest in education

Every investment starts with research. Don’t invest in something that you don’t understand. When it comes to understanding Bitcoin it is twice as important to invest in good education because it is a novel technology.  Therefore, beginners are best advised to first learn as much as possible.

In the early days of young technology bad actors make trouble here and there. Don’t listen to charlatans and scammers who want to recommend you risky investments or even ponzi-shemes.
Only use legit sources for training purposes. We created a list of the best sources for solid information right here:

The Bitcoin Club Malta
Join the Bitcoin Club, learn from our community and attend one of our many seminars, meetups and educational events


Mastering Bitcoin – Free
This book is the classic. Nobody else can describe Bitcoin better than Andreas M. Antonopoulos. The book is free to download on github and takes one Month to work through. After that you will understand Bitcoin much better than most people.

The Bitcoin Standard – €20
The best book when it comes to economics and the question why Bitcoin has any value is clearly “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous. After this read you’ll be extremely knowledgeable about austrian economics and Bitcoins fundamental value proposition. 

University of Nicosia – Free
Become a student again and sign up the University of Nicosia’s online seminars on digital currency – free of charge. 

Stephan Livera Podcast – Free
This podcast is worth listening all of it’s hundrets of episodes. All of them are diamonds. 

Noded Podcast – Free
The original podcast for Bitcoiners with more technical discussions. 

Moon Zebra crypto training
Moon Zebra is Malta’s premier Bitcoin service provider. Book yourself a personal training to be confident when using and transacting Bitcoin and safe the time for personal research.





2. Invest in Bitcoin (actually)


No, you don’t need to buy one whole Bitcoin. Hopefully you have learned that fact already. If you’ve done proper and throughout research, you understand Bitcoin well enough to take it to the next step. As satoshi once wrote:

It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on. If enough people think the same way, that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Satoshi Nakamoto


This is of course a very exciting experience when doing it for the first time. Buy Bitcoin at an exchange, at a Bitcoin Meetup in your area or see if you have a Bitcoin ATM next door. Make sure to use a hardware wallet for the storage and never leave your keys on an exchange. Not your keys, not your coins. 


Bitcoin in heavy accumulation pdf

Ledger Hardware wallet 

Search for a Bitcoin ATM





3. Invest in private key security

This is not a joke. Millions of Bitcoins are lost or stolen of because people where to lousy handling their private keys. If you lose your Bitcoin you will regret. Invest in proper security and you’ll reduce the risk of losing coins massively.  You can get your hardware wallet right here.






4. Invest in Bitcoin ATMs

If you want to become a Bitcoin entrepreneur and not just be a Bitcoin Hodler, consider to buy yourself a Bitcoin ATM. The business model is simple and easy to enter for small investments. The rewards over the long-term are proven and the industry is steadily growing.

Learn more on how to invest in Bitcoin ATMs





5. Invest in a Bitcoin Exchange

You are a professional investor looking to join the Bitcoin sector with an investment? Well you probably know yourself how to approach it. If you need tips where to look or feedback on your strategy don’t hesitate to reach out. And since it’s just on the table, take a look at investment case of Vaultoro, an instant Bitcoin-Gold exchange.