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Bitcoin Future 2020 is an event dedicated to the free flow of information.

We therefore decided to give away FREE tickets to students around the world.



It’s coming from the bottom of our heart that we want to spread knowledge especially among those who are studying, learning and working their careers from the ground up.

Being a student is not always easy and if you look at your bank account you might see a big red number. You see, we all had to start at some point and some had it easier some had to work really hard. But what we all share is the requirement for quality learning materials.

Imagine a university student who signed up for economics in 2011 could have had the chance to learn about Bitcoin. Most likely he would have tried to make a transaction and maybe mine a few bitcoins on his laptop.

Sadly he had to spend his time studying “external economic effects” and “inflation rate calculation”. Nothing wrong with that but when you are a student, nothing is more important than to check if what you chose to study is relevant in the market.

Too many students waste time because their learning materials are outdated and topics like bitcoin aren’t discussed. The hours wasted at uni to study topics nobody will ever ask you for – nobody can give them back to you.

There is one resource more precious than Bitcoin and that is TIME.

And this is our mission. We know that right now, many students around the world waste time. Both because of their own mistakes but also because there is not the right type of resources available. For this reason we want to make the precious resources of our online conference freely available for Students around the world.

Bitcoin Future 2020 can be the missing link, the inspiration, the piece of knowledge that could change the course of life.

Learning about Austrian economics, bitcoin technology and the history of money is crucial to set yourself on top of the crowd and access a new economy with sound money.

Let’s change the course of history!

With Bitcoin Future 2020 we intend to create a knowledge base that is capable to deliver sound education to get any student to the top of his class. With the high bar we set in terms of quality and content we aim to get any drop-out, uni-fail and rebel take a look inside the Bitcoin universe. May you like it or not, agree or disagree, the bitcoin protocol is unstoppable.

A career in finance doesn’t just sound boring, it may destroy someones life by soaking up all creativity, energy and drive for life. But finance can be beautiful, math, numbers, monetary theory is true art if left unaltered by the influences of the fiat ideology.

Let’s enable students around the world to participate in this conference and become a part of Bitcoin lead paradigm shift.

Every Student with a valid student card can sign up for a complimentary “Student Ticket” and get the full load of content and knowledge streamed to his device wherever in the world he or she might be studying…

We would love and appreciate if this message gets spread far and wide and encourage you to forward this post to your fellow student friends and university network. Feel free to share via social media and mailing lists and please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or via twitter if you have any direct questions.