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…and a great city for startups.

Singapore, the gateway to Asia is a financial hub with a reputable regulation, many funding institutions and a startup ecosystem that has attracted startups of all industries.

For this reason the Bitcoin Club Malta and the United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) have teamed up to give away a ticket for UCIM’s next event “Pitcher Perfect

You can win a free ticket by signing up our newsletter within the next 4 days.

Why should you attend Pitcher Perfect?

Startups and investors unite to bring an investment equilibrium in the
rapidly evolving cryptoverse. This is where the transformation begins
for real. Less Noise, More Value

In an industry as fragile as ours, associations and relationships are a quintessential source of growth and sustainability. At UCIM, the connections last for a lifetime. Tap into the Market

It’s not just about building products and projects on top of blockchain but also about knowing the latest trends and factors shaping the future of this industry.