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When you look back at your time in school, when did you feel real excitement? Perhaps when you had a break and could spend time with your friends. Perhaps interacting with the other gender got your adrenaline flowing. But in the class? In math, history, language?

The only time I remember being very excited was in the class of our physics teacher. And it wasn’t the tough exams and the paperwork but the live experiments that I keep in good memory. When things exploded, set on fire, dropped and changed color. The preparation of the experiment was also fun to watch. Everyone was excited to witness the outcome. I remember the best stories told in the school often came out of the physics lab. I think I had the pleasure to enjoy an additional break due to fire alarm and evacuation two times. And so had the entire school of over a thousand people. Yes experiments can go wrong from time to time.

What is it that makes experiments so fascinating? They are way more active, more thrilling, more unexpected and uncertain then the normal school stuff. It’s chaos sometimes.
Experiments are a good story of a movie, starting with a problem, then creating tension and ending in a final showdown. Our mind and attention gets pulled into the story of the experiment and if the teacher is a good magician, he can mesmerize an entire class of otherwise hyperactive adolescents to stare spellbound as the experiment is reacting (exploding).

The best experiments are interactive!

What if you could join one of the biggest experiments ever happend in histroy?

Well your life can be seen as an experiment in itself, humanity can be seen as an experiment. And we are experimenting with the experiment…

One of the biggest experiments that is going on right now is Bitcoin.

And it goes like this:

What happens if you offer people censorship resistant, inflation resistant, permissionless, boarderless, global, unconfiscatable and sound money?

We can look into history and see how the world was like when the economy was based on a gold standard. We can compare it to the economy right now that is based on debt, inflation and hedgefonds.

We don’t know the outcome we can only theorize about the experiment’s result. Would you like to watch it as a bystander? Fine.
Would you like to participate or even influence? You can. Make sure to keep your private keys private.

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