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After our first HackDay last week we are inviting everyone interested to the second edition. The BTCPay Server Hack Day is a simple co-working session dedicated to self-help and installation of BTC Pay server. Whether you are a beginner or expert you’re welcome to join if you want to learn more about the technology.

In order to prepare yourself here is a useful list with links:

BTCPay Server is clearly Bitcoin’s top payment system with the best developers involved and the community and userbase steadily growing due the the high quality of the product. Thanks to a special feature on the Stephan Livera podcast recently the project has be gratefully experienced a sudden rise in installations and requests.

If you are looking to deploy BTCPayserver for your online shop or physical shop you will need to invest time. There is no way around. This sounds inconvenient and in business of course time is money. But here is the thing. If you opt for Bitcoin you not just position yourself on the top of the game when the world’s financial system will adjust to market reality, you also opt for freedom. And freedom in some cases is the opposite of convenience. It’s harder to build a business than to receive welfare subsidies. But it pays of on the long-term. Bitcoin requires you to learn about private keys, cold storage, IT security and what not. Without education you’ll be an easy victim for scammers and fraudsters that will trick you into ponzi shemes where you’ll lose your money.

Ok, enough with the negative scenarios and forward with the positive and sunny side of things. BTCPay server is the answer to all your problems. It will get you out of debt, it will will solve your relationship problems and it will heal your illness. Well, this is a bit too much. I’m overselling it right now. So let’s be humble. Imagine a payment system that you fully and entirely own, monitor and control. Bitcoin funds go in through open-source POS apps and land directly on your hardware wallet or cold-storage wallet whereas you have full flexibility to implement a coin-split and immediately sell a percentage on an exchange or payout employees a small commission fee on each purchase that goes through a specific wallet. Now you are set to enjoy the most godlike way to accumulate Bitcoin – you earn it.

It won’t be a lot in the beginning, especially since most hodlers don’t like spending so much. But just a few euros every now and then will eventually appreciate greatly and at some point will represent a fortune that allows you to undertake much bigger investments that you ever imagine you’d be able to do.

And all this would have incorporated the amazing features of Bitcoin by default. It would be transparent, under your control, fully open and compatible with the Bitcoin protocol, boarderless, permissionless, unconfiscatable and reliable in regards to security and monetary policy.

BTCPayserver let’s you accept Bitcoin payments (and also other ‘cryptos’) peer to peer, from customer to merchant from person to person as it’s meant to be. Money as a technology does not need middlemen and card payment processors. Because the value exchange is already p2p. Paying fees on payments and giving control into hands of corporates is a thing of the past and overdue to innovation.
With BTCPay Server you can have all of this. You can also accept Lightning payments to get instant and fee-free payments using real Bitcoin without third parties. All it requires is a bit of time to get the system up and running.

Perhaps this is oversold again – you’d need quite a lot of time and also technical knowledge to get the system up and running. But this investment is set to pay of so tremendously that you may become the happiest person on the planet when you compare the antifragility gained through BTCPay. Invest in your payment sovereignty and autarky, join a revolution bigger than the internet and be blessed with the benefits of free floating transactions around the globe and the endless features that the internet of money is delivering to your neighborhood.

In conclusion we can say that the BTC Pay Hack Day II is promising to get a first look into the BTCPay Universe and take many insights home. You will be a little bit smarter afterwards and maybe maybe you even get your own installation done this night.