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We are proud to invite you to our next event in May. In partnership with the blockchain project GLEDOS we created not just a promising Saturday evening networking opportunity for everyone in blockchain, education and business – we also managed to put together a panel of speakers that are already burning to debate about the future of technology.

Malta has the potential to become the education and innovation Island of the future. Following the small Mediterranean nation’s success in attracting blockchain ventures and digital businesses, with the “Blockchain & Education Future Show” we want to discuss how to innovate one of the most important pieces of society – education.

One of the panelists and keynote speakers, Prof Falzon currently Head of the Department of Banking and Finance and the Dean of the Faculty or Economics, Management and Accountancy at the University of Malta pointed out “Very few students keep on reading after graduation. Learning seems to stop on graduating. So our educational system seems to be failing in its major important role – helping students to keep learning and reading throughout their life.

This is of course just the tip of the iceberg of current challenges of our education system. From a business side of things, one of Malta’s main industries, the iGaming branch is faced with the issue that there are no relevant academic courses available to train future staff.

Three keynotes and a panel discussion will shed light on the question what challenges and opportunities are likely for education, career planning and business in the next decade. The spotlight during the show will be on GLEDOS, a global education solution based on blockchain technology aiming to become a single-place-to-learn. GLEDOS provides tailor-made and relevant on-demand education for the modern age. GLEDOS will showcase their in-house artificial intelligence (AI) engine that provides highly individualized learning pathways to each student/learner. This innovative approach allows GLEDOS to continually crawl through a vast set of advertised employment opportunities, and job descriptions based on individual data to land a desired job or master a new skill set.

The attendees invited consists of some of Malta’s top executives from various industries, HR professionals, blockchain pioneers and education experts, teachers and students. All attendees can expect an interesting, interactive event with key notes from passionate speakers as well as a lively panel debate from top experts in the field of education, business and blockchain technology, that are expected to energize the stage and the audience.

We are looking very much forward to see you all!


Blockchain and Education Future Show
Saturday 19 th May, 5pm at the Palace Hotel in Sliema


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