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  1. Wallet of Satoshi  
    Wallet of Satoshi is a simple and user friendly wallet to make payments using the lightning network. Keep in mind that the lightning network is in beta and your funds may be lost do to an error.

  2. Lightning Spin
    Lightning spin is a little online game where you can spin the wheel and bet with lightning payments. Make sure you don’t get addicted and ask for professional help if necessary. Never go over your daily limits 🙂

  3. Lightning Network Stores
    The goal of this website is to track the adoption of the lightning network by merchants and to inform bitcoin users where they can spend their bitcoin through lightning. It tries to be most complete repository of lightning merchants, while also providing a comprehensive list of lightning mobile wallets.

  4. 1ML.COM
    A good website that collects and presents a lot of data, statistics and links about the lightning network

  5. Lightning Hackday
    If you want to contribute to the lightning network or want to learn more about it the lightning hackday is a good event to connect with the community

  6. Fulmo Lightning Wiki
    A collection of links to the best learning resources for lightning network