The Bitcoin Club Malta

On a rainy day in November, the first Bitcoin Meetup was held in Gozo with just a handful of people. Soon after in September 2017 we gathered over 200 people for the largest ever Bitcoin Meetup Malta.

We share and interest in Bitcoin, economics and business and aim to educate, onboard and connect people through our events and activities. 

Bitcoin has the potential to create a new renaissance all over the world and since Malta is one of the most beautiful places on earth, we can start right here. Join us, attend our events, become a member and of course, hodl on.

What IS Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital money that you can use to store value or go shopping on thousands of online stores and a rising number of local merchants. A special property of Bitcoin is that it’s limited to 21 million forever. This rule cannot be changed anymore and makes Bitcoin the hardest money ever created. Because it is so limited it is becoming more and more valuable when more people join the network.

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What if?!

Imagine a world without poverty. Imagine a century of prosperity. Imagine a world where financial justice means that your money belongs to you and nobody will censor it, seize it or freeze it.

Get started with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a young technology. Take your time to understand it. If you need help, here are some important links: Ledger Exodus Trezor

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Press Release: Bitcoin Future 2020 Online Conference

Press Release: Bitcoin Future 2020 Online Conference

Press Release: Bitcoin Future 2020’s December 21st Online Conference will Discover Future of Bitcoin by Showcasing Experts, Sceptics and Maximalists Bitcoin Press Release: Malta’s Bitcoin Club announce details of their online conference beginning December 21st 2019, to bridge the gap between “Bitcoin Twitter”

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